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  1. Colosseum - Roma, Italy
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  5. Orvieto, Italy
  6. Don Nino - Roma, Italy
  7. The David - Florence, Italy


  1. What to pack
    This is an ongoing battle. I am notorious for over-packing. I would rather have too much than not enough. My best advice is always pack an outfit (including undergarments), pajamas, extra pair of comfortable shoes, and any travel sized toiletries you may need for the first few days in your carryon bag. This is helpful in case your luggage gets lost!
  2. Best Time of Year to go
    This is just going to be a preference based on who is traveling in your party. To avoid crowds (or larger crowds) travel in Jan - March or Sept - Nov. The summer months are very, very, very warm and almost all places are over crowded with tourists. Best months for great weather are April, May, September, and October.
  3. Trains
    Trains are your friend when wanting to travel from city to city. Whether on a day trip or transferring cities, a train is the best way to go. You can pre-book trains and guarantee seats. I found that the trains usually run on time so planning your day around your train schedule is an easy way to plan.
  4. Protecting Moo-Lah
    We can provide you with up to date info on the best form in which to have money. Should you take American dollars, Euro's or would a credit card be better? Once that decision is made, we can tell you the best way to protect your money, cards, and passport? We know the best tricks to keep your money, cards, and passports safe and secure.
  5. Picking your hotel Location
    Proximity, proximity, proximity!!! When booking your hotel, you want to be sure to make sure you are in a central location to make it easy to access all of the things you want to see and do while you are there. Almost every city in Italy is "walkable". Pick a location that you can easily walk to several popular sites. If you walk, you see so much more of the culture!!
  6. Hop on Hop Off Tours
    I am all for the Hop on Hop Off Tours. We usually save this for our last day in each city. Doing this, will provide you the flexibility to only get off the bus at the sites you have yet to see. You can also learn a lot of the history by listening to the pre-recorded info provided to you on the bus. They even provide you with a pair of ear-buds!

Do you want to be in a tourist area?

Prebooking Tours?

This will be a personal preference.  I think you should always pre-book any tour you are thinking you for sure want to try.  Over all, I am not a fan of a guided tour because you only see and hear what they want.  I like personal walking tours the best!!!   We can create those for you!
Locals will tell you to venture out of the touristy area and see additional parts of any city.  I completely agree with this when it is your second or third trip to a city.  Get in there and be a tourist your first time round!!!