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  1. Colosseum - Roma, Italy
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director
  5. Orvieto, Italy
  6. Don Nino - Roma, Italy
  7. The David - Florence, Italy
  1. I really wanted to go to Italy and had been thinking about it for years. I contacted Roman Holiday Italy Travel and they made it happen. Everything was perfect. The hotels they picked were fabulous and in great locations with easy access to everything. All I basically had to do was show up! The tourist sites and cities they recommended were just exactly what we needed to get our Italy fix. I cant believe all we got to see and do for under $1500 per person! Even a 4 star hotel!!! Best vacation I have ever had! Thanks Roman Holiday Italy Travel!!!
    Tammy Jackson
    "The knowledge and travel planning tips were invaluable!"
  2. Roman Holiday Italy Travel planned my Senior Trip. After graduating from High School my best friend and I wanted to travel to Europe as our last hurrah before we both went off to different colleges. We contacted Roman Holiday Travel and they planned and booked our entire trip. We just told them what cities we wanted to travel to and bam, we were off. We couldn't believe that we were able to travel to Rome, Tuscany, Florence, Verona, Venice, Paris, and London for under $2000 per person. This included flight, hotels, trains, and transfers!!!
    Mady Miller
    "We had the best time and will be going again when we graduate from college!"
  3. My wife and I were looking to plan a trip to Europe. We had no idea where to start. We contacted Roman Holiday Italy Travel and they were able to point us in the right direction. My wife loved the idea of walking tours. Roman Holiday Italy Travel created 3 walking tours for us which took my wife to all the little hidden treasures she wanted to see. They even provided places to stop and eat along the way. Roman Holiday Italy Travel is like little travel angels. Thanks so much Roman Holiday Italy Travel for taking such good care of us!
    Tom Sanders
    ""Best trip I have ever Taken!!! Great walking tours planned"
  4. My daughter and I always wanted to visit Italy. Especially Verona. We had watched Letter's to Juliet and really wanted to live a day in the life!! We contacted Roman Holiday Italy Travel and they made our dream come true. They booked us a personal guided tour of Romeo & Juliet's Verona. The tour ended at the Hose of Juliet where we actually had the opportunity to respond to letter's that were sent to Juliet. It was the best trip we have ever taken. We are so grateful for RHIT for making this possible at such an affordable rate! Thanks
    Lauren Smith
    "Life dream to live a day in the life of Juliet Capulet!"